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Sweet 20 (2017)

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Fatmawati is a 70-year old fussy grandma who lives with her son, Aditya, daughter in-law and two grandchildren. Fatmawati dearly loves Aditya and is very proud of her only son whom she raised on her own. Wherever she goes, she always boasts his son’s achievement as an excellent university professor. One day, Fatmawati finds out that her family will send her to a nursing home. The revelation deeply saddens and devastates her. While walking on the street, she stumbles upon “Forever Young” photo studio. She plans to take her self-portrait for her not-so-far-off funeral but a strange occurrence happens. After her portrait is taken, Fatmawati mysteriously regains her physical appearance from the age of 20. Feeling abandoned by her family, Fatmawati considers to start over her life and revive her youthful years. Fatmawati renames herself Mieke after her all-time favorite actress, Mieke Wijaya. As the time goes by, Mieke got the chance to pursue a career as a singer. It was something that she could not do when she was young as she had to take care of her only son after her husband passed away from an accident. Although leading her life as the young Mieke, there is nothing change about the way Fatmawati acts. The way she talks and her fashion taste is just like a 70-year old grandma. But it was her distinct styles that captures the heart of a music producer. Aside from the music producer, her own grandson, Juna, falls in love with Fatmawati after listening to her charming voice. One occurrence forces Mieke to make a choice on whether resuming her life as Mieke or returning to be the old Fatmawati to save the life of her grandson, Juna


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